Video games distribution specialist Plug In Digital raises $2m to strengthen its spectacular growth and its publishing plans.

Video games distribution specialist Plug In Digital raises $2m to strengthen its spectacular growth and its publishing plans.

Montpellier, France, February 14 2019 - Plug In Digital is proud to announce today a 2 millions euros ($2.25m) fund raising from Inter Invest Capital, a French asset management company specialized in late-stage capital investment operations.

Founded in 2012 and started as a business developer for independent game studios, Plug In Digital has quickly become one of the world’s key video game distributors. It’s a driving force behind many indie successes such as Dead Cells, FURI and Northgard. In addition to dozens of partner studios, the company today provides sales management to industry leaders such as Paradox Interactive, Bigben Interactive, Konami, SNK, Bandai Namco…

Within a few years, Plug In Digital has become a key player in Europe on every platform:

  • On PC, it’s a key partner for game storefronts, from market leaders like Steam, GOG or Origin to new disruptive players such as Epic, Discord, Robocache or Kongregate;
  • On Mobile, it’s one of the main game providers for telco companies such as Orange, Telefonica or SFR, and a fast growing portfolio on Apple and Google stores.
  • On Consoles, Plug In Digital confirmed its agility and trendsetter DNA by pairing partner studios with the Nintendo Switch. With 28 games, it has one of the largest portofolio on the hybrid console.
  • A pioneer in Cloud Gaming, Plug In Digital is one of the main providers for all available and upcoming services, from telcos such as Orange or SFR to pure players such as Blacknut or Turner who took advantage of the French company offer to quickly build up an attractive offer.

Publishing as main new growth center

For the last two years, Plug In Digital took up a new challenge by launching a publishing branch: Playdius.

Playdius made strong editorial choices with its range of narrative games on Mobile such as A Normal Lost Phone, dealing with LGBT discrimination, or Bury Me My Love which tells the journey of a Syrian migrant. Both game were critically acclaimed. On PC and Consoles, the publishing brand started building an eclectic midcore/hardcore game portofolio betting on young talented studios: Edge of Eternity, from Midgar Studio, Dead in Vinland from CCCP, AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected from Aurélien Regard…

These successes allowed Plug In Digital to become a key player of the French and European video game industries and even acknowledged as one of the World’s top publisher in Metacritic’s 2019 Publisher Ranking.

2 million euros to take over Asian markets and deploy a new editorial strategy

Since its creation, Plug In Digital has doubled its income almost every year and reached a turnover of 8 million euros ($9 million) in 2018. The company also doubled its workforce, now split between its new headquarter in Montpellier, south of France and its Paris office.

With the fund raising, the company has ambitious plans for 2019 and beyond, with notable focus on Asian markets and a soon to be announced new strategy for its publishing brand.

For Francis Ingrand, CEO, this fundraising is an important step for the company: “So far we’ve had a fast but controlled growth, entirely independently funded. We’re starting a new era full of promises as we want to keep strengthening our distribution services as well as raising our ambitions in publishing. We needed a partner we can trust to support us with these projects and provide us with a stronger investment capacity. We’re glad we found that with Inter Invest Capital that brings us not only financial resources but also the serenity required to reach our goals.”

Plug In Digital now looks forward to meet its worldwide partners at upcoming Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, where it will unveil the new plans and strategies.

About Plug In Digital

Plug In Digital is one of the largest independent video game distributors. We help studios and publishers distributing and publishing their games worldwide through a network of 70+ partners.
We are a driving force behind successes such as Dead Cells, FURI or Northgard and a key partner for high-profile companies such as SNK, Paradox Interactive, Konami, Bigben Interactive, Bandai Namco, CI Games or Curve Digital.
In 2017, we launched Playdius, our publishing brand on PC, console and mobile that released an eclectic line-up with games like Dead In Vinland, Edge of Eternity, Hover, Bury Me My Love, Spitkiss or AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected.

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