About us

Founded in 2012, PLUG IN DIGITAL offers a high-quality expertise to all those being part of the video game industry. Distribution, consulting and monetization, business development, strategic and marketing advices… Our company relies on a network of specialists in the gaming business, built on 15 years of concrete and successful experience.

Our markets of expertise: PC video games, Mac, Linux and Android, Core and Casual video games.

Our market expertise: the PC video game, Mac, Linux and Android, Core and Casual video games.

Experience, efficiency and enthusiasm to support your projects!

We share our expertise and aim to create the best strategy for the expansion of your online sales. Our team has a far-reaching experience in video games distribution as well as an excellent knowledge of all new technologies. PLUG IN DIGITAL is the major, independent distributor in Europe thanks to the quality and the range of its distribution network.

Our responsibility:

• Simplify digital distribution and being your individual interface.

• Distribute your content worldwide thanks to our network.

• Use all our marketing skills to develop your sales.

• Help you to identify opportunities, for your latest release or your entire catalog.

Assisting developers distributing their digital content, realizing their projects and dreams, or even creating new partnerships, that’s what PLUG IN DIGITAL aims for.

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PLUG IN DIGITAL is a member of SNJV, Video Game National Union that represents and defends the interests of professionals in the video game industry.